• Bubblegum
    Key Lime Pie
    Pina Colada
    Root Beer
    Apple Crisp
    An apple cinnamon cupcake, topped with brown cinnamon sugar buttercream and garnished with streusel
    Peanut Butter
    Our chocolate cake iced in peanut butter buttercream, garnished with a fudge leaf, chocolate shavings and Reese's candy
    Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    A chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and a decadent chocolate dipped strawberry
    Raspberry Swirl
    Our raspberry swirl cupcake, iced with raspberry and vanilla buttercream, garnished with a fondant heart
    Chocolate Raspberry
    A decadent chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry and topped with chocolate buttercream. Topped with a rich chocolate-raspberry drizzle, pink curls, and a chocolate chunk.
    Cherry Cordial
    Our chocolate cupcake, filled with cherries, iced with vanilla buttercream and topped with a fresh cherry dipped in rich dark chocolate
    Our vanilla cake batter with chopped Snickers candy bars baked inside. Topped with chocolate icing, drizzled with caramel and chocolate, and garnished with a chunk of Snicker candy bar
    Hot Cocoa
    Our rich chocolate cake topped with Hot Cocoa buttercream, whipped cream, cocoa powder and a mini marshmallow resting on a chocolate dipped spoon
    A little bite of Italy. A mascarpone mousse tops this coffee soaked cupcake. Garnished with a lady finger and a chocolate coffee bean
    Caramel Macchiato
    Our chocolate cupcake iced with mocha buttercream and whipped cream, drizzled with caramel, sprinkled with cocoa and garnished with an espresso bean
    Our vanilla cake iced in vanilla buttercream, decorated with a beautiful flower
    Brown Chica Brownie
    From the bottom, we started with our brownie, then a layer of fudge, a vanilla cake completes the cup. We then iced it with vanilla buttercream, drizzled with chocolate buttercream and garnished with chocolate chips
    Cookies & Cream
    Our chocolate cake, iced in our buttercream with Oreo pieces, garnished with an Oreo cookie half-dipped in chocolate
    White Chocolate Cheesecake
    Our delicious cheesecake with graham cracker bottom, iced with white chocolate mousse and white chocolate shavings
    Our chocolate cupcake with graham cracker bottom, iced in vanilla buttercream, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, garnished with mini marshmallows, Hershey piece and white chocolate flames
    Plain 'ol Vanilla
    Our vanilla cake, iced in vanilla buttercream and decorated with colorful buttercream dots
    Plain 'ol Chocolate
    Our chocolate cake, iced with vanilla buttercream and decorated with colorful buttercream dots
    Root Beer
    Our root beer flavored cupcake, iced with root beer buttercream, fudge, and vanilla buttercream. We then garnished it with a root beer barrel, dark chocolate handle and (non edible) straw
    Grape Soda
    Our grape flavored cake, iced with grape buttercream, and decorated with a bundle of buttercream grapes
    Day at the Beach
    Our chocolate cake, iced with blue vanilla buttercream, rolled in graham cracker crumbs, garnished with a pair of fondant flip-flops and a mini umbrella
    Triple Chocolate
    A chocolate cupcake filled with white chocolate mousse and iced in white chocolate buttercream. Drizzled with chocolate and garnished with a dark/white chocolate chunk.
    Raz Lemonade
    Our vanilla cake with european raspberry and lemon baked inside, iced with whipped cream, garnished with fresh raspberries and a candy lemon wedge and sprinkled in red
    An delicious almond cupcake iced with cannoli buttercream. Garnished with crumbled cannoli shells, chocolate chips, and a rich chocolate shaving.
    Our almond cake, topped with a layer of european raspberry, iced in white chocolate buttercream and garnish with gumpaste sugar lips
    A moist vanilla cupcake filled with coconut custard and iced in coconut flavored buttercream. Sprinkled with toasted coconut and a piece of chocolate.
    Strawberries and Champagne
    Our vanilla cake with strawberries baked inside, iced with pink champagne flavored buttercream, garnished with a gumpaste flower
    Red Velvet
    Our red velvet cupcake, iced in cream cheese icing, garnished with red sprinkles and a fondant flower
    Our carrot cake, iced with our delicious cream cheese icing, decorated with a buttercream carrot
    Whoop Whoop
    A chocolate cupcake filled and iced with rich fudge. Topped with a chocolate buttercream rosebud and a flower.
    Our chocolate cake, filled with chocolate syrup, iced in vanilla buttercream, and garnished with a small pool of fudge, caramel and pecans
    Strawberry Margarita
    Our strawberry margarita cupcake, iced with strawberry margarita buttercream, garnished with a fresh strawberry, salt-rimmed shot glass, and a lime
    From the bottom: Oreo cookie, then a layer of peanut butter, chocolate cake completes the cake. We then iced the cake with chocolate buttercream and dipped it into white peanut butter chocolate
    Our watermelon flavored cupcake, iced with watermelon buttercream and garnished with a fondant watermelon wedge
    Luscious Lemon
    Our lemon cake, iced with lemon buttercream, vanilla buttercream and garnished with a lemon candy wedge
    Our chocolate cake, iced with rainbow-colored vanilla buttercream
    Kahlua Cheesecake
    A chocolate cheesecake cup topped with a kahlua mousse and garnished with chocolate shavings and chocolate sticks
    Chocolate Covered Pretzel
    Our chocolate cake topped with fudge, crushed pretzel pieces, sea salt and a chocolate dipped pretzel
    Boston Cream
    Our vanilla cake, filled with vanilla custard, iced with fudge and topped with a cherry
    Maple Bacon
    A light maple flavored cupcake with maple frosting and fresh crispy bacon
    Opposites Attract
    Our chocolate cake, filled with vanilla buttercream and iced with alternating layers of fudge and vanilla buttercream. Garnished with a perfectly pink flower.
    Pumpkin Cheesecake
    Our special cheesecake recipe infused with pumpkin flavor, topped with a white chocolate pumpkin mousse
    Razzle Dazzle
    Our vanilla cake, filled with European raspberry fruit, iced with raspberry buttercream and dipped in dark chocolate
    Strawberry Cheesecake
    A cheesecake cup over a bed of graham cracker crumbs, topped with our strawberry filling
    Sweet Cherry Pie
    Our delectable vanilla cupcake is baked with cherries inside, topped with a graham cracker buttercream, then garnished with streusel and a fresh cherry
    Tough Cookie
    Our chocolate chip cake, iced in cookie dough buttercream and real cookie dough bits
    Buttercream "ketchup," "Mustard," and all the burger fix-ins, sandwiched between two vanilla cupcake buns
    Almond Blueberry
    An almond cake with blueberries baked inside. Topped with a vanilla buttercream and fresh blueberries
    A vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, garnished with sprinkles and a puzzle piece. Sold only during the month of April, Autism Awareness Month, to spread awareness of those with autism
    A decadent chocolate cake topped & filled with a rich fudge topping. Rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs and topped with disco dust and a pink star
    Cake Batter
    A funfetti cupcake filled with cake batter, topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a fondant star
    Chocolate Covered Banana
    A banana flavored cupcake with vanilla buttercream, topped with a hard chocolate shell, yellow sprinkles, and a gum-paste flower
    Chocolate Sundae
    A chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, sprinkles, chopped nuts, a hot fudge drizzle, all topped with a maraschino cherry
    Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    A chocolate cupcake with chocolate chip cookie dough mousse filling. Topped with cookie dough buttercream and a chocolate chip garnish
    Fruit Tart
    A vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and juicy, fresh, sliced fruit. Rolled in graham cracker crumbs for a nicely textured finish
    Orange Dream
    An orange cake topped with orange flavored buttercream, finished with a fondant garnish
    Pina Colada
    A rum/pineapple cake filled with pineapple filling, iced in rum buttercream, and rolled in toasted coconut. Finished with a cherry and paper umbrella
    Marble Mustache
    A marble cupcake with vanilla buttercream and a fondant mustache
    Almond Raspberry Praline
    Almond cake with ground almonds baked in. Raspberry and white chocolate buttercream with a toasted almond garnish
    There Goes my Diet
    A chocolate cupcake with cheesecake baked in the middle. A chocolate cream cheese icing garnished with a chocolate straw and gold glitter dust
    Chocolate Topped
    A creamy vanilla cupcake iced with chocolate buttercream and drizzled with melted chocolate. Topped with a Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cup, covered in vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with vibrant nonpareils.
    Happy Birthday
    A funfetti cupcake iced with a festive yellow buttercream! Garnished with sequins, ribbons, and a Happy Birthday sign!
    A boldly flavored orange cupcake, filled with orange mousse and topped with champagne buttercream. Topped with orange curls and a pearlized finish!
    A pink marble cupcake with a ring of rich fudge, a ring of vanilla buttercream, and a ring of strawberry infused buttercream on top. Garnished with chocolate chips and a pink fondant heart.
    A vanilla cupcake with a ring of vanilla buttercream rolled in toasted coconut, a dollop of rich fudge, and a dollop of vanilla buttercream, all drizzled with caramel. Topped with a Girl Scout Samoa cookie.
    Tag Along
    A moist chocolate cupcake iced with peanut butter buttercream and drizzled with pouring fudge. Topped with a Girl Scout Tag Along cookie.
    Thin Mint
    A chocolate cupcake iced with a minty buttercream and rolled in Oreo crumbs. Topped with a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.
    Shirley Temple
    A cherry flavored cupcake iced with cherry champagne buttercream. Topped with a cherry filling, a dollop of buttercream, and a cherry!
    A rich chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate buttercream and soaked in Kahlua. Iced in Kahlua buttercream with a rosette of chocolate buttercream on top. Garnished with yummy chocolate straws.
    A chocolate cupcake filled with rich fudge. Iced in Oreo buttercream, vanilla buttercream, and a mini chocolate dipped Oreo on top.
    Chocolate Cream Pie
    A chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate custard. Iced with whipped cream and topped with Oreo crumbs and chocolate chips.
    Peanut Butter Cup
    A chocolate cake iced filled with peanut butter buttercream with peanut butter flavored icing. Topped with a dollop of buttercream, a peanut butter cup, and drizzled with melted chocolate .